We offer:
  • CLINICAL AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE to treatment staff (ex: nurses, therapists), mainly focused on direct patient interaction.

Target groups can be individuals, professional groups, or multiple teams within specialized health services, municipality health services, or private treatment clinics.

  • GUIDANCE ON AN ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL. We can address problems collaborating within a group, specific work conflicts, or growing in either a leadership role or as a co-worker.

Target groups can be individuals, professional groups, or multiple teams in all types of organizations such as businesses, schools, and police.

Guidance focus
  • We support and challenge individuals and teams to develop thoughts and perspectives in their daily work.

    In clinical guidance, the team focuses on current problems. At other times, the team can prioritize learning about both Open Dialogue and reflective processes that are used in clinical work. We also tutor groups with little knowledge of Open Dialogue; in this instance, we teach the basic principles.

    We often use each other in reflection. For example, one of us may lead the conversation with the team while the other will lead the reflection.
Guidance is given
  • Individually or in a group
  • At the clinic, in the workplace, or by telephone/skype
  • Locally, nationally, or internationally

    In Norwegian and English
Practical terms
  • A guidance meeting is 45 minutes. We recommend at least two guidance sessions for maximum efficiency.
  • Number of times and how frequently guidance will take place is planned before sessions start.
  • We often work together in the guidance sessions and use the principles from Open Dialogue in the process.