The GOOD DIALOGUE-clinic offers a supplement to businesses and companies in the form of treatment, guidance, and tutoring.
Employees are a business’s most valuable resource. Hardships in private life or at work can have huge consequences for both the individual and the business in the form of short or long term sick leaves.


As a preventative measure, the employees who are at risk of taking sick leave may be offered a conversational treatment individually or with a family/network with the GOOD DIALOGUE-clinic. For more information see: Therapeutic Treatment Offers.


We can offer guidance for workplace conflicts such as collaboration problems or difficult conversations between employees.

Guidance can be given individually or within groups about mastering the role as a leader or an employee.

Courses and tutoring

We can have courses in areas that are relevant to the business. It can be a single session for one to two hours, a set session over time with relevant themes, or a half or entire day course.

Priority and flexibility

Employees from businesses will be prioritized. We will do our best to make an offer within the same day. The latest we will make an offer is within 3 business days.

Treatment can be given at the GOOD DIALOGUE-Clinic, the workplace, by skype, or telephone.
As for treatment offers, businesses can make an agreement with the GOOD DIALOGUE-clinic about paying for all or parts of the treatment for their employees, who will pay the difference.