We are two therapists who run the GOOD DIALOGUE-Clinic. We are inspired by Open Dialogue as a form of therapy. We often use this thinking as a foundation for the treatment that is offered. We wish that the people who come to the GOOD DIALOGUE-Clinic will feel respected, seen, and heard. We offer treatment for individuals and families. We also provide supervision by skype to groups in the US and Norway and trainings in Norway and internationally.

Reiulf Øistein Ruud, psychiatrist and family therapist

After becoming a doctor in 1979, he worked as a municipality doctor and in a hospital until 1983. He thereafter worked in the specialized health services for mental health until 2015.

In 1987, he became a psychiatrist and he has a two-year education in psychoanalytical psychotherapy.

For two years he has worked part-time on project “Psychiatrist For Share” (Psykiater på deling) in the Øksnes and Bø municipalities.

Pia Birgitte Jessen

Pia Birgitte Jessen, occupational therapist specialist in mental health and family therapy.

Pia became an occupational therapist in 1980 and has worked in the specialized health services for mental health until 2016. She has had further education in psychiatric rehabilitation and guidance in a family perspective. She also has a masters in public health.

We have
  • Been entrepreneurs in Vesterålen by building up and working with Vesterålen DPS from 1988 until 2016.
  • Experience in different forms of therapy and treatment for people with mental illnesses; individuals, couples, families and groups.
  • A background in guidance, supervision and tutoring in mental health and other related areas both nationally and internationally.
  • Been engaged in project work for, amongst others, Regional and National Health Authorities.
  • A big national and international psychiatry network. Since 1996, we have met with colleagues, both domestically and internationally, to share experiences with Open dialogue in The International Meeting on the Treatment of Psychosis.
  • For many years, we have worked with professors Tom Andersen and Jaakku Seikkula who are experts in the field of Open dialogue.