Code Treatment Min Pris
IT60 Individual therapy 60 1300 NOK
IT90 Individual therapy 90 1600 NOK
PF60 Couples therapy 60 1600 NOK
PF90 Couples therapy 90 1900 NOK
PF60 Family Therapy 60 1600 NOK
PF90 Family Therapy 90 1900 NOK
V45 Guidance 45 1100 NOK per therapist
K60 Consultancy 60 1100 Nok per therapist
  Courses/Tutoring   By appointment

30 NOK transaction fee when paying with a credit or debit card.

We try our best to both be present for the first therapy session and after that if necessary.

Cancellations must occur by 12 PM the day before a scheduled session. One may cancel the session by text, phone, or email. Sessions that are not cancelled in a timely manner must be paid in full.

The session must be paid for with a card or one can choose to receive an invoice. We do not accept cash

Prices are regulated anually